What is it?

Carpal Tunnel syndrome is a very common work-related injury. Common for workers in manufacturing, sewing, cleaning, and other industries that involve repeated motions, and 3x more likely to affect women than men, carpal tunnel is a widespread issue in the workforce.  The pain is generally severe, recurring, and long-lasting. We’d love to provide you with an assessment and develop a plan to help overcome your carpal tunnel and have you pain-free today!

Pain and discomfort associated with carpal tunnel syndrome can be felt from your forearms through to your hands and fingers. Carpal tunnel causes tingling, numbness, weakness and mobility issues that particularly affect the hands and fingers.

Dr. Taillefer will perform a thorough clinical examination of the affected areas, which may include imaging. This examination is a crucial first step to properly diagnosing your conditions and developing an effective treatment plan.

In-office care can quicken your recovery and drastically increase your mobility. Our main priority is always reducing the severity of your symptoms while promoting healthy, timely healing throughout your recovery.

The way you take care of yourself at home can have a tremendous impact on the effectiveness of your in-office treatments. Dr. Paul Taillefer can recommend adjustments in your daily activities and routine according to the severity of your condition.

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diagnosis and well-planned treatment strategy.
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