Graston Technique®

The Treatment

Dr. Paul Taillefer is proud to be one of over 24,500 clinicians that offers Graston Technique® treatments. Dr Taillefer applies the Graston Technique®, by using stainless steel instruments to detect and treat, with the use of therapeutic exercise, various soft tissue (muscle, ligament and fascia) injuries and conditions.

The Effects

The Graston Technique® is highly effective in treating chronic, acute, and post-surgical soft tissue conditions. Dr. Taillefer uses the technique to address scar tissue and fascial restrictions, and to provide maintenance programs that increase range of motion. The treatments are non-invasive and utilize custom-made stainless steel instruments that Dr. Taillefer uses to identify and treat the soft tissue fibrosis or inflammation which is causing you grief.

The Graston Technique® instruments assist in accessing deep tissue areas without causing the patient discomfort or worsening the pain. The instruments work by breaking up scar tissue and fascial restrictions as they come into contact with adhesions. This process eventually eliminates the adhered fibres, bringing back your range of motion and reducing your pain.

The Healing Benefits

  1. Minimizes treatment time
  2. Promotes speedy rehabilitation/recovery
  3. Reduces need for anti-inflammatory medication and other invasive treatment options
  4. Resolves chronic conditions believed to be permanent
  5. Provides an efficient way to improve optimal range of motion

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