11 million Canadians are affected my musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions annually. The Canadian Chiropractic Association works with the Canadian government, employers, and insurers to continuously work towards providing adequate chiropractic care nationwide at minimal costs. 

Insurance & Coverage

Most Extended Health Care Plans (also known as supplementary health or supplementary medical plans) are complementary to provincial health coverage, and typically cover chiropractic services. Approximately 70% of Canadians have Extended Health Care coverage. These plans are generally provided through workplace group benefits programs set up by employers, unions, or professional associations, but they can be purchased individually as well. If you are unsure about what is covered by your insurance, talk to your employer about Extended Health Care plans today.

There are many other sources of funding available via public funding, other benefit plans, and more. For a more comprehensive list of coverage options, refer to the Canadian Chiropractic Association. 

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Regardless of an individual’s health care coverage, Motion4Life proudly offers complimentary consultations to all new patients. This is a commitment-free opportunity to meet with Dr. Paul Taillefer to find out if your case is a chiropractic case at no cost.


Complimentary Consultation: 15 mins$0
Initial Examination$145
Report of Findings$50
Subsequent Treatment$70
Progress Evaluation Examination$45
Update Examination$65
Re-evaluation Examination$120

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