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Ribs consistently move at their spinal attachments as you breathe and move your body. Sometimes when your ribs move, they can fail to go back to their natural position, causing discomfort and pain. This painful position is rib subluxation. Symptoms include pain upon inhalation, pain centralized to your chest, overall difficulty breathing, and more.

Ribs consistently move at their spinal attachments as you breathe and move your body. Ribs attach to the sternum by cartilage, allowing some movement when the chest inflates as you inhale. If a rib moves and doesn’t go back to its regular position, its new, painful position is known as a rib subluxation. You may experience pain when you take a deep breath or you might experience pain that centres around to the chest which may be mistaken for more serious conditions like heart trouble. A rib subluxation can be identified and treated with Cox® Technic, giving a pain-free solution to the issue.

Once you have been diagnosed with rib subluxation, a clinical examination that may include imaging is essential to your recovery and management of pain.

In-office care can hasten your recovery and drastically increase your mobility. At Motion4Life we use Cox® Technic Flexion Distraction and Decompression to:

  1. Widen the canal space.
  2. Drop the intradiscal pressure.
  3. Increase the disc height to relieve pain.

The Cox® Technic is often described by patients as “pulling you apart” in a way that promotes comfort and pain relief. Depending on the intensity of your pain and symptoms, gentler side-lying Cox® Technic may be used until 50% relief of pain or supine Cox® Technic with you lying face up may be applied to guide your recovery.

Among other recommendations, at home you may want to:

  1. Consider nutritional supplements that help rebuild disc cartilage only after having discussed with a medical professional whether these supplements are right for you.
  2. Sleep on a supportive mattress.
  3. Sit in an ergonomically designed chair.
  4. Modify your daily activities as needed.

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