Custom Orthotic Inserts

The Treatment

Your feet play a massively important role in your overall health and they are the foundation of your body. Your feet take a beating. Because of that, foot pain is a very common ailment.

Custom orthotic inserts treat foot, ankle, leg and back pain in two ways: they provide additional support for diminished heel padding and high or fallen arches, and they can help correct foot deformities or alignment issues.

Shoe inserts are available at almost every drugstore, and custom shoe inserts can easily be purchased online. But shoe inserts ARE NOT custom orthotic inserts, despite what they may say. Custom orthotic inserts are made for you and only you, and will be produced only after a chiropractor has prescribed  them following a complete biomechanical assessment and gait analysis (evaluation from your back to your feet).

The Effects

When used properly, custom orthotic inserts can make a huge difference in your quality of life and greatly reduce your foot, leg and back pain.

Arch supports offer custom support for fallen or high arches and flat feet. They are made to fit to the unique shape and physiology of your body to give you maximum benefit.

Heel supports are made to provide additional support to the heel and ankle joints and can help ease discomfort in the heel area when fatty tissue pads break down due to injury, age or biomechanical makeup.

Custom orthotic inserts can:

  • Correct biomechanical alignment by compensating for areas of the foot that are lacking support or are underdeveloped.
  • Correct or accommodate deformities by providing barriers or replicas for the damaged area.
  • Protect and support an injury to help speed the healing process.
  • Assist in rehabilitation.
  • Reduce pain caused by any of the conditions mentioned above.
  • Increase mobility by allowing the patient to have full range of motion again.

The Healing Benefits

Even simple corrections to how your feet hit the ground, your overall alignment, and general arch and heel support can make a world of difference.

Often, patients present with leg, knee and even back pain that they don’t realize is caused by a foot injury or deformity. Proper foot care can alleviate many of those issues, helping you to restore mobility so you can get back to living a full and active lifestyle and relieve the stress that chronic pain can cause.

Our feet are our most used body part, our main source of mobility, and the base of our entire body. Taking care of them is vital to overall health.


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